Investing in the ‘you’.

A lot of issues float around because someone doesn’t understand you and it often leaves this feeling of strange pain and fear. Completely resulting out of sheer lack of not being understood. I guess the primary question that is to be asked is why would anyone invest in understanding you? The almost immediate answer is that in fact, no one should ever invest in understanding you except you, yourself. The main job and the only job in life bestowed upon each soul is to understand their own selves. The stronger the bond of the self, the radiant the self will be and thus the lesser the need to be understood by another body other than you. We are all taught to care, to share and to do good but I guess the primary receivers of this exact share, care and goodness are we first before anyone else. Imagine not being in love with your own self, what will you teach the world about love and more importantly, how will you show that love honestly to anyone? Hence, the basic act and practice starts with the first face that you see in the mirror when you stand in front of it each day. It’s you. And therefore, invest in you for that’s the best investment that you would ever do in a life.

What if ..

If you think of yourself as a railway station or an airport; then all the planes, trains become the thoughts that come and go. Some stay longer than others. Some break down on your platforms and some need that extra time to clear your tracks. But they all eventually go and pass. Just as time and thoughts in a human.

The toughest bit is to be that station or that airport day after day, night after night, year after year. Maintaining that infrastructure, letting people and circumstances work on you, expanding and shrinking, perhaps at the same time. Having engineers repair your base, having someone put more bricks on you or even having someone to colour your walls for you can be daunting and exhausting for long.

If the mindfulness remains that you are not to convert yourself into one of your own passengers or into one of your own carriers, then whoever jumps on whatever vessel, is exactly like watching the world go by in its thoughts and battles without you being a part of the circus.

Most of the times, the loss of this mindful living is lost and the tendency to jump on that train in a search towards that destination is way too tempting than just to watch it go by.. And what does it bring? The destination still remains a far fetched dream and the journey becomes complicated without a reason or a cause.

Hence, to watch the world go by and being that station or that airport or that platform to let things be in the lap of time is a way into peace.

Be you.

The question is do you really inspire someone or do you just motivate someone? Someone else’s story and journey can always act as a motivation, can also act as a learning that you can use but it can’t be your inspiration. Learning is not inspiring. Learning is acquiring knowledge. The dissemination of knowledge beyond solving problems and being able to carry routines, is probably what inspiration is. A closer look would reveal that you are your own inspiration. The inspiration is you. The sustainability model that you function with does need motivation from time to time but truly that can’t inspire you. The reason is simple. You are your story and you live your story each second, each minute and through each day. No one else does that. If your feelings are inside you, which do need words and gestures for someone else to understand, then how can someone else’s words or gestures inspire the so very you? They can and they do act as motivational catalysts from time to time while you are working on routines, but beyond that it is all inside you. The deeper and transparent you are to you, the lesser the need to look for inspirations outside of you, especially look for inspirations in other bodies and other stories which may or may not be similar to you.

Darkness and you 

I want to see how you navigate your way through these dark alleys .. 

I wouldn’t walk with you or hold the light ..

But I would keep my eyes at the end of the tunnel, where darkness ends, wait patiently to see you emerge in time or submerge in the darkness ..

If darkness and you become the best of friends because you have no one else as a guide,

Then I am going to blame you for not waiting for the light ..

If darkness engulfs your soul and you are lost ..

I am also going to blame you for choosing to walk in the dark ..

I will blame you if darkness kisses you and I will blame you if darkness kicks you ..

I will blame you all through regardless of your virtues .. 

Because I am not friends with darkness and I don’t want to be .. 

Everyone who chooses to walk through it, is my enemy ..

I will ignore your goodness and I will poke your conscience..   

I will make you feel worse about yourself even when your heart feels alright .. 

I will have a crowd rooting with me because light is what we all love .. 

While you walk in the dark, and clean up ..

We’ll define you exactly as we are!

There will be. 

There will be that one moment when you will be you. 

There will be that one day when you will fall in love with dew. 

There will be that one time when your heart will skip a beat. 

There will also be that one dice that will put you at the edge of your seat. 

There will be that one person who will see you through.

There will be that one soul who you will connect to. 

There will be that one word that would define you.

There will also be that one sword that would kill you. 

There will be that one grand plan that you will find yourself to be a part of. 

There will be that one poem at which you’ll cry your heart out. 

There will be one face that you will be honest to.

There will also be that one mask that you will refuse to let go. 

There will be that one hand that you will always hold. 

There will be that one song that you will turn you cold. 

There will always be that one in you, in your life 


perhaps there will be that one life, maybe after several, where you will just dive. 

You, I and distorted truth

When the night fell into our lap, you whispered, ‘let’s put some thoughts into our future’; a bright thought that I, then nurtured. 
By the time it was noon, you had change of plans, parables shifted to another room.
I would always wonder since, what is it that a night brings? A smooth sense of belonging, touching, that it lets you speak your heart, keeps it safe, prohibits wandering. 
Perhaps, it’s the day that brings the realities to your face; sticks it there so that you don’t lose your image bound grace. 
You never explained your superficial dichotomies; you called them your realities but I have seen; the pain, the suffering, the torture that you drag along from each and every day into your night; it isn’t really worth your very being. 
Ever since I’ve known you, I would always think, what would it be like, to be with you, had there been no day in between.

you .. 

You touch, you scream

You walk, you dream 

You run, you talk 

You fight, you breathe 

You live, you lie 

You bathe, you cry 

You sing, you tune 

You dance, you fume 

You spell, you rant 

You smell, you frown

You refuse, you cheer 

You accept, you fear 

You give, you take 

You make, you break 

You do it all, yet nothing 

You live in dichotomy and merely extend it 🙂