The damn space.

This damn space that is provided by time

Is uniquely boring, subtly breakable as it concedes in life

Something remarkable makes this space

A terrible feeling of owning, disowning, price and theft

Watch the space – they say

Trust the wait and add a pray

Neither the space gets a makeover

Nor the endless smiling face

It just remains a broken machine far from even willing to race

The clock ticks

The days go

Months pass and years flow

The space never gets filled

Playing the wait game just gets skilled.

Dear you .. Dear me ..

There was something magical when I first saw your text to me! It felt like my long wait had come to an end finally. I met the soul who I was meant to be with. I didn’t care where the world stood in between us and the way the tide fell. 

The dear you was the dear me and the dear me was in you. I was a part of you that I missed the most all through. Without asking, without reasoning I let you in. The walls crumbled down and the resistance decayed. I still couldn’t understand what took you so long! But I am glad ‘we’ finally happened the long way round 🙂