The very fact that none of us have a choice to die closes all avenues and norms of ‘freedom’ that we keep talking about time and again through centuries. We are all born out of other humans. We evolve into humans. We carry out tasks like other humans. We basically move up and down and in circles like every other human. In these movements through time and air, we entangle ourselves into thoughts, theories and actions. We react, we act, we feel and we live. We force feed ourselves into gaining knowledge of the unknown given that we feel very strongly about the power of the universe that we are all a part of! However, in the process we fail to acknowledge that this very universe didn’t give us the key to be equal and to be free in our human form 😂 What it has done though is this. It has given each of us a desire, a little code of information in each of us that makes us all exactly equal and exactly similar. So I don’t understand these baseless debates around equality and around freedom.. Doesn’t suit us humans to even talk of freedom because for sure, the only certainty that we do know of, that is, death, we don’t even have the freedom to choose it so what on earth are we talking about and killing each other and fighting for?! 

as unique as you .. 

Usually on my way to work, I read the world population number and I still can’t remember all the digits! 
About 7 billion or 7.3 billion approx .. is what I roughly remember. Now I am a part of that number too, right?! So if I go on to determine the probability of my existential importance given the world population – can you imagine what number I am gonna end up with?!! 🙂 
So then, when I sit in my home and feel pretty and write my opinions on Facebook or wherever – I am aware of the fact that it’s an insignificant cause that I am attaching to – cos at the end of it all – in the bigger and grand scheme of things – I am as powerless, powerful, significant, insignificant and whatever adjective you may wanna add, just like the rest of the population on planet earth! 
Hence, won’t it be a bit better if you and I actually start loving each other and share our stories rather than try to prove to each other how powerful and influential I am as compared to you?! 
If you can’t love me and I can’t love you and we can’t even share anything then let’s just exist.. Let’s just love the universe – cos perhaps you love the sunshine as much as I do or something similar! Or let’s just love our own selves! That’s simple right?! Minus the need to provide a proof! 
Cos remember.. I am not special and neither are you .. And if I am special, so are you! .. If there’s any equality .. That’s just in the fact that we are all humans! 🙂 and that’s 7.3 billion of us, almost 🙂 
And a *hug* cos I need one! and maybe you too! 🙂