The damn space.

This damn space that is provided by time

Is uniquely boring, subtly breakable as it concedes in life

Something remarkable makes this space

A terrible feeling of owning, disowning, price and theft

Watch the space – they say

Trust the wait and add a pray

Neither the space gets a makeover

Nor the endless smiling face

It just remains a broken machine far from even willing to race

The clock ticks

The days go

Months pass and years flow

The space never gets filled

Playing the wait game just gets skilled.

Friends and beyond 

Could life be any different? I asked myself 

Tales of sleepish eyes and broken veins 

Choked up emotions, unbattling thoughts

You and I have been friends for way too long! 

In the dearth of options, in opinions galore 

If my thoughts have hugged me, they have held you close 

With each sun set and tide rise; even though I didn’t ask, I did grow wise 

I value and cherish the times that we had sliced 

Am glad ours shall always remain unprecedented and not worldly priced.