narcissistic me ..

Look at me, O’ dear fellow humans, 

I am worth the look without a doubt or question.

Your comments and likes make me worth my page, 

I don’t know if I can exist without posting even when my deeper thoughts are caged. 

You see, you can’t blame me because it is social media, 

Posting every random crap, deepens my survival worth and idea. 

I do say I don’t care and I don’t asslick, 

But posting my non substantial opinions does give me an inner kick. 

I want your attention, more and more,

I don’t know if I could use my time in any other form without you being abhor. 

I count your likes on each of my photograph that I post, 

I wonder if I would like those number of comments in person on even my mere morning  toast. 

Hold on! O’ my dear humans, don’t judge me for who I am. 

I am just like one of you,  mortal in every sense.

I am the news, you surely want to read about me in papers, 

My beautiful home, my creation and my own frivolous body shapers. 

I hang out and rub shoulders with the who’s who in town, 

I do get annoyed when I am singled out and made into a clown.   

I react and opine because I feel other humans are crap,

I guess they have never had beer or even held a Swiss map!

I have a host of fellow humans that feed my ego and nurture, 

Do you think those that write about me, need a better thought structure?

But if I don’t become the news tomorrow, will I be hurt? 

I guess I will be devastated because through all my posts and show offs, I have indeed, reduced my self worth.