Every once in a while I get bombarded with ‘justice’ hashtags and shares.. justice for either her or him .. justice for this or that ..

I am bored of this justice to be honest and I don’t even understand ..


I can’t go and tell the parents of a 7 year old in this very world that selling her to the sex trade so that her family can survive is wrong or right.

I can’t go and tell a 10 year old who just got pregnant due to an assault that her life will be back to normal and fine.

I can’t go and tell a young boy as young as 6 that it is okay to sit in silence and watch his mother being raped by soldiers.

I can’t go and wipe off the tears of a young teen who feels he is worthless because he couldn’t save his family from being set to fire.

I can’t go and tell millions out there that their faith and beliefs have no power.

I can’t even promise any individual that if he seeks the path of honesty, he shall rise and shine.

And neither can I tell anyone that being brutal, putting your own needs before others at the cost of their emotions and lives will not help you survive and thrive.

I can’t wipe out lust, greed, prejudices and jealousy from each and every mind..

Perhaps this is why ‘justice’, in my time, trends as a hashtag.

I live in a world.

I live in a world where robbing individuals of their innocence and space is not a crime.

I live in a world where an entire country gets wiped off the map because of war and it is fine.

I live in a world where liars get applauded on stage; trials get ruled by money not by content.

I live in a world where your house, car and travels provide you a social status; not your individuality or rigour.

I live in a world where non scholar videos and articles feed your brain not books or research.

I live in a world where honesty, trust and love are fashionable in text not for real.

I live in a world where no one has patience to chase truth through the path less travelled and known.

I live in a world where propagandas are massive and issues are huge.

I live in a world where I, like millions, no longer know what living means anymore.

Happy New Year 

The curiosity list for 2017 would perhaps have the following .. 

1. Has Narendra Modi lost it?! Will he be able to hold the nation together or will he make a mess of it?! What will he do?! Where’s India going to be?! 
2. What’s Trump going to do?! Is US going to be a Twitter led country?! Or will the Russians take over US?! Will US suddenly have more jobs?! What’s going to happen with the economy?! 
3. What’s Brexit going to be like?! Jamie Oliver is already closing some of his restaurants in the face of Brexit .. Will we have no jobs in the UK at all?! What will happen to the immigration?! 
4. Will we come to an end of gender violence?! Or will we write and share more posts around ‘women empowerment’?! Will we really achieve the ‘equality’ that we have been talking about for years?! 
5. Racism. Will we see a sharp rise in racism across the globe?! Will we be judged more on our colour than our abilities?! 
6. Rape. Will we see a sharp rise in the rape statistics across the globe?! Will more and more women in DRC and other parts of the world be made victims of wars?! 
7. Will more countries turn out to be like Syria and will we all be a witness to an end of another country and a rise in the refugees across the globe?! 
8. Will we let go off our climate policies and be a witness to the dark age due to a steep rise in pollution worldwide?! 
9. Will we really have homes in Mars and will some of us actually go and live on another planet other than the Earth?! 
10. Will we really have robots as our domestic help and drive cars for us rather than humans?! Are we really going to replace humans?! 
I guess the list could go on and on and on .. But it will perhaps never cover the basic question that we should be curious about at the very start .. 
‘When will I/ we be human?!’ 


And with this note of mine, I wish you all, each and everyone of you a very beautiful 2017. 
Best wishes! 

What did I learn when I did my first 10k run?

I don’t remember exactly what prompted me to register myself for my first ever 10k run. I don’t know if it was the social cause of rape and gender violence against women in the democratic republic of Congo or if it was a deep inner desire to do something that I had never done before, I don’t really know. 

The race was in London’s Hyde park on 3rd June and there were professionals and regulars too. There was hardly anyone who was a first timer like me or even someone who had never run before. 

I am not sporty and I don’t exercise. Exercising doesn’t come to me as a part of my existence and it doesn’t come naturally to me at all. So after I registered for this 10k charity run, reality hit me and I sat down counting days and thinking of ways to get through to it in my mind. 

I read a lot of posts online on how to get from 0k to 5k in a week and so on and although they all made perfect sense, I had a body that was completely out of sync with everything. I could barely run. I had no sense of time and I was extremely extremely slow. I remember my initial runs, I wouldn’t know where my breaths were and where I was! I was a mess and a diaster at the same time in equilibrium. 

Then came the race day.

It was time to run.. Everyone started running, so did I. People overtook me from right and left and in no time, I was left on my own at the very end. I seriously felt so silly that I wanted to run in the opposite direction and not follow the crowd in front. I could neither keep up with the crowd and neither could I give up. I wanted to give up but then something was stopping me.. 

Turns after turns and at one point something inside me told me that it was just my race; I wasn’t there to compete with the rest. I was running for the first time in my life for a cause that I believed in. I couldn’t give up! I might be slow and walk and run and finish last, it would still be my race. 

I ran and ran and completed my 10k race officially.. And I didn’t come last. I finished my 10k in 1.20.44.. I know it is not the best of timings for a 10k but I am happy that I did it.

So today while I sit and sip my coffee, I remember the race from June 3; and it makes me smile.. I completed it despite me telling myself to quit at the start, I completed it despite what other runners thought of me. I completed it when I got out of my own way.

And my biggest lesson learnt that day was .. It always is our own race, our own pace.. And most of the times, we are the ones standing in our own way 🙂