What if ..

If you think of yourself as a railway station or an airport; then all the planes, trains become the thoughts that come and go. Some stay longer than others. Some break down on your platforms and some need that extra time to clear your tracks. But they all eventually go and pass. Just as time and thoughts in a human.

The toughest bit is to be that station or that airport day after day, night after night, year after year. Maintaining that infrastructure, letting people and circumstances work on you, expanding and shrinking, perhaps at the same time. Having engineers repair your base, having someone put more bricks on you or even having someone to colour your walls for you can be daunting and exhausting for long.

If the mindfulness remains that you are not to convert yourself into one of your own passengers or into one of your own carriers, then whoever jumps on whatever vessel, is exactly like watching the world go by in its thoughts and battles without you being a part of the circus.

Most of the times, the loss of this mindful living is lost and the tendency to jump on that train in a search towards that destination is way too tempting than just to watch it go by.. And what does it bring? The destination still remains a far fetched dream and the journey becomes complicated without a reason or a cause.

Hence, to watch the world go by and being that station or that airport or that platform to let things be in the lap of time is a way into peace.

a friend that I miss! 

I was 20. You were 10.

The minute I heard your mother on radio, I knew you were my friend. 

I wrote to the presenters, I wrote to the channel. 

They never wrote back, my letters went into a dead tunnel.

I searched for you everywhere. 

You have been in my thoughts since. 

Only I knew, the dance steps that brought you to life, gave me peace within. 

I wasn’t the diagnosed one, you were, unfortunately. 

They termed your illness critical and said it had no chance of recovery. 

I prayed for you in every single dream of mine since; 

I still hope to meet you in person, someday, somehow, deep within. 

I know you don’t know me, I don’t know you as an individual. 

What I do know is that my prayers have your name on them and so does each of my breathing cell. 

I hope you have made it through these years because somewhere in me, I hold a belief .. to see the beautiful time tested and survived individual that you must have become! 
In hope. 

In gratitude. 

In prayers. 
I miss you, my young unseen friend with a disease that I can’t name!