Investing in the ‘you’.

A lot of issues float around because someone doesn’t understand you and it often leaves this feeling of strange pain and fear. Completely resulting out of sheer lack of not being understood. I guess the primary question that is to be asked is why would anyone invest in understanding you? The almost immediate answer is that in fact, no one should ever invest in understanding you except you, yourself. The main job and the only job in life bestowed upon each soul is to understand their own selves. The stronger the bond of the self, the radiant the self will be and thus the lesser the need to be understood by another body other than you. We are all taught to care, to share and to do good but I guess the primary receivers of this exact share, care and goodness are we first before anyone else. Imagine not being in love with your own self, what will you teach the world about love and more importantly, how will you show that love honestly to anyone? Hence, the basic act and practice starts with the first face that you see in the mirror when you stand in front of it each day. It’s you. And therefore, invest in you for that’s the best investment that you would ever do in a life.

Borrowed Glasses. 

When I borrowed your glasses to see,

I found it hard to contemplate if that was at all me.

The lesions were unparalleled, uncluttered, 

The I, that I had known, 

distanced itself from that very zone.

I thought hard and I thought long,

Was I right in borrowing your glasses to view my own lived life song?!

Parts of it weren’t how I had perceived the me,

Different in sensibilities and far away from my breathing reality, 

I wish I could have shared my shoes with you, instead 

Our walks could then have had a meaningful descent,

If I borrowed your glasses after the walk,

Perhaps, your perception of me wouldn’t be worth a talk. 

Who do you?

The soul asked ..

Who do you love more? Me or you?

I stay in you, I define you 

I hold your pieces together 

I bandage them when they fall open in fervour 

I never owned the you 

I never accounted for the image 

I set aside the tasks that would bridge the gap between the you and my weakened tastes 

While you spoke of love, of togetherness and of all the virtues 

You completely forgot to see me and love me, whilst I was all in you. 

Judge me .. 

Judge me for the clothes I wear , For the drinks I hold, For the cigarettes I smoke .. 

Judge me for the words I write, For the stances I take, For the sentences I construct ..

Judge me for the car I drive, For the roads I walk, For the flights I miss ..

Judge me for the books I read, For the house I stay, For the bed that I sleep ..

Judge me for the heels I wear , For the bags I carry, For the makeup that I put ..

Judge me for each and every aspect, That’s an accessory ..To the very me.. 

Judge me if you would like for the Human that I am .. For the love that I share 

And if you really care ..Judge me for the soul that I carry .. Besides the body that it has married. 

like everyone else .. 

I was like everyone else

I had a home, parents and all the rest

I used to love my bike rides and my walk through the muddy streets 

I was taught to be and never breathe in a cocooned me

Then one fine day, they came in masks that I couldn’t uncover 

I had no options but to breathe into terror 

If I didn’t, I would be killed, I was told 

Life, then, after all these years, became an article to be either held close or sold 

Slowly I forgot what it was to be like everyone else 

I neither became me that I had once known nor did I sell.

narcissistic me ..

Look at me, O’ dear fellow humans, 

I am worth the look without a doubt or question.

Your comments and likes make me worth my page, 

I don’t know if I can exist without posting even when my deeper thoughts are caged. 

You see, you can’t blame me because it is social media, 

Posting every random crap, deepens my survival worth and idea. 

I do say I don’t care and I don’t asslick, 

But posting my non substantial opinions does give me an inner kick. 

I want your attention, more and more,

I don’t know if I could use my time in any other form without you being abhor. 

I count your likes on each of my photograph that I post, 

I wonder if I would like those number of comments in person on even my mere morning  toast. 

Hold on! O’ my dear humans, don’t judge me for who I am. 

I am just like one of you,  mortal in every sense.

I am the news, you surely want to read about me in papers, 

My beautiful home, my creation and my own frivolous body shapers. 

I hang out and rub shoulders with the who’s who in town, 

I do get annoyed when I am singled out and made into a clown.   

I react and opine because I feel other humans are crap,

I guess they have never had beer or even held a Swiss map!

I have a host of fellow humans that feed my ego and nurture, 

Do you think those that write about me, need a better thought structure?

But if I don’t become the news tomorrow, will I be hurt? 

I guess I will be devastated because through all my posts and show offs, I have indeed, reduced my self worth. 

Dear you .. Dear me ..

There was something magical when I first saw your text to me! It felt like my long wait had come to an end finally. I met the soul who I was meant to be with. I didn’t care where the world stood in between us and the way the tide fell. 

The dear you was the dear me and the dear me was in you. I was a part of you that I missed the most all through. Without asking, without reasoning I let you in. The walls crumbled down and the resistance decayed. I still couldn’t understand what took you so long! But I am glad ‘we’ finally happened the long way round 🙂