An (open) letter ..

I have travelled and met people.. From slums to brothels to psychiatric wards of some hospitals .. to lavish rooftop parties in Hollywood to film sets, on few occasions house parties to gym to my local train stations .. to meeting people through friends and family on random walks to online introductions .. The people that I have met or that I continue to meet all have the same story to share and to tell ..

Their constant battle through life embedded in hope.

Some struggle to get the ingredients to make a decent meal, and some struggle to digest a meal because of their health.. Some sell their bodies to strangers for peanuts and some carry those peanuts home so that their family can live .. Some think of killing others and some think of killing their own .. Some strive to live by the book and some think of flushing the pages down some gutter hole. Some talk of judgements that the world throws at them and some talk of love that they lack .. Some point a finger at the world and some don’t even raise their hand.

I have stopped saying that every battle is unique; now that I have seen diverse backgrounds.. They all emerge from the constant lack of love and acceptance that make a human grow and at times, frown.

There is always a finite supply of human medals that are given to humans for their work.. There is also a finite supply of energy in humans that they can put to life to work. Achievements and materials, then, can’t define your character and neither can they declare you a success or a failure .. The life, that you are blessed with, is far far greater.

Beautiful things take time to grow .. the stronger the roots, the better they hold .. If that be true for the strongest trees then why isn’t it true for us, human beings?

If I could tell all of you, who come back to me for positivity, that life is unfair and it shall always be .. The rule of thumb is then to simply transform yourself into a channel of possibilities.

Remember, battles can go on forever, decisions might take time to show .. But if you can accept and love yourself first, before anyone else, you stand a brilliant chance to shine and to glow.

So then, before reminding yourself of what vision and version this world holds of you; pause and remind yourself of what you really mean to you.



I’ve always loved this line on screen from the film The Shawshank Redemption .. ‘Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies’. I’ve always wondered what kind of a thing is hope until mid 2017 when I realised that hope, the best of things as described by Andy in the film, does manifest itself in a physical form. Many would laugh at me when I say this but I have seen hope; not just felt it but seen it 😊 

Mid 2017, a lady who I met very briefly in LA asked me if I had heard of Anthony Robbins aka Tony Robbins. I politely said no. She insisted that I must google search him and listen to his talks. Following that meeting in LA, I have been given Tony Robbin’s videos, talks and quotes till the end of 2017. In the strangest possible ways, the very same people who never spoke to me about Tony Robbins, started telling me all about him. I, suddenly, found myself surrounded by hardcore Tony Robbins’ fans and individuals who he has had deep impact on both mentally and physically. 

It took this one random lady, one lazy afternoon, in LA to open up a channel in me, which turned me into a receiver of the positive, affirmative thoughts that Tony had to share through millions of other individuals. The thoughts that were sent over to me in form of videos and audios were all about hope, love and compassion. All of them had a strong message of a fit physical body but carried even stronger messages on beliefs.

While all these unexpected messages from the same guy dominated the later part of my being in 2017, I decided to make a shift in my focus and concentrate on the content of the messages that I was receiving. Not so much on ‘why I was being sent all these messages’ but on ‘what is this trying to tell me?!’ 
My own shift took me to a place which was empty, which had no purpose and had no meaning. I realised that in the deepest laps of ‘hope’ lies the certainty that I was always seeking. Tony Robbins and the individuals who his words had touched, became my messengers of hope. 

Hence, in addition to what was said on screen about ‘hope’, I would add this .. ‘hope’ enlightens the path of our own belonging in addition to being the best of things! And this is precisely why it never dies as Andy said it in the film already ❤️

Never give up .. 

The boundaries of expectations were broken,It was no longer a need or a requirement. 

I could either be or I could easily disappear, 

Without a thought or theory into the thin air.

The love that I had once placed my hope bars on became inconsequential 

The desires that fed me, were starving themselves

It was tough to lift, to gather and to start all over

Leaving it scattered and broken was easy amid the terror 

No strings to pull back and no strings to pull forward 

I became my own anchor and sailed right through 

Got directed as the wind blew, the fellow sailing boats worked as guides in skew 

I wanted to give up every single hour 

My mind knew no one was waiting at the finish line 

But my heart wanted me to sail through it to be 

It said .. ‘it doesn’t matter who sees you at the end of it and who doesn’t 

The claps never matter neither the cheer 

Do it for me, for I want to feel free.. 

Adjust your sails even knowing that there is no one to see’..