Every once in a while I get bombarded with ‘justice’ hashtags and shares.. justice for either her or him .. justice for this or that ..

I am bored of this justice to be honest and I don’t even understand ..


I can’t go and tell the parents of a 7 year old in this very world that selling her to the sex trade so that her family can survive is wrong or right.

I can’t go and tell a 10 year old who just got pregnant due to an assault that her life will be back to normal and fine.

I can’t go and tell a young boy as young as 6 that it is okay to sit in silence and watch his mother being raped by soldiers.

I can’t go and wipe off the tears of a young teen who feels he is worthless because he couldn’t save his family from being set to fire.

I can’t go and tell millions out there that their faith and beliefs have no power.

I can’t even promise any individual that if he seeks the path of honesty, he shall rise and shine.

And neither can I tell anyone that being brutal, putting your own needs before others at the cost of their emotions and lives will not help you survive and thrive.

I can’t wipe out lust, greed, prejudices and jealousy from each and every mind..

Perhaps this is why ‘justice’, in my time, trends as a hashtag.

The urge.

I have often read people saying how honest they are, how truthful they are and how non materialistic they are and how they are not a part of this largely ungrateful and manipulative world. I have wondered, having read them, that how do they survive?

The constant urge that they have to shout from the rooftops and from their respective balcony’s, to emphasise on how much different they are as opposed to the world that they breathe in, appals me many a times.

If you feel you are different, then chances are that you are probably right in feeling the way you feel but the urge to shout it out, to let the world know, then just becomes a lot baseless and pointless. Simply because, you probably are feeling different given the conditions of the world that you are a part of. So who do you shout out and put your thoughts out to?

Let’s assume that you do want to let the world know that you are really different; first thought is why? Why should the world care? And lastly, even if the world did care, what is it that you are trying to achieve by letting it know that you are different than everyone else that are in it?

Am I then saying that urges need to be controlled? Perhaps not. I am potentially saying that even if there’s an urge, the responsible act should be to find out the why behind the urge rather than unleashing it out in the open for you never know, in a world of bots and humans, if bots win, you might just have yourself classified into a category that you wouldn’t have thought of with all your life.