I live in a world.

I live in a world where robbing individuals of their innocence and space is not a crime.

I live in a world where an entire country gets wiped off the map because of war and it is fine.

I live in a world where liars get applauded on stage; trials get ruled by money not by content.

I live in a world where your house, car and travels provide you a social status; not your individuality or rigour.

I live in a world where non scholar videos and articles feed your brain not books or research.

I live in a world where honesty, trust and love are fashionable in text not for real.

I live in a world where no one has patience to chase truth through the path less travelled and known.

I live in a world where propagandas are massive and issues are huge.

I live in a world where I, like millions, no longer know what living means anymore.

Girls .. 

If I could tell you that one thing that I realised quite late in life,

It is to live in the heart than to live in the mind.

While the world might insist that mind is far stable;

I would still say that heart is the space that is love abled.

To walk through life, you wouldn’t need someone’s thoughts,

You would need a faith in you that you could walk.

As time passes, you will learn a lot,

You will grow, fight, fend and talk.

Through it all you would need to be loved,

To feel, always let faith and belief have you wrapped up.

You wouldn’t need someone’s knowledge to build your own, 

Neither would you grow in someone’s shadow or live in someone’s drone.

Keep the mind far far away because most battles have happened due to mind’s disparity with it’s crave.

Stay in the heart, keep others in it too;

To build a better world, for all of us, this is the least that we can all do.

And being a girl, this should come easy,

Read it in books that our brain is blessed with wires running differently; 

Thus be always guided by your own intuitive connectivity. 

Count the blessings not in form of materials, money or power; and may you always strive to give more than you acquire.

Like attracts like, trust me, very few will admit that to you;

Hence, be the magnet of love and sew. 

International Day of the Girl Child ❤️ 

October 11, 2017.

What a relief it is to apologise! 

He was 84. She was 30. The only thing they had in common was life. Not tied to each other by any known or defined relation, but just life. He claimed with great pride that she was way too young, that he has seen more life than she has. She kept silent and smiled. 

A heavyside function, trapped in its definitions, made its way in their lives. For years that it stayed, the man was right and the girl was wrong. The explanation that he always gave was his age and long experience; she was a complete nutter by all his books, decluttered and cluttered. 

In one of the discontinuous accord, when the desolated ones needed tea to keep warm, the man thought of reporting them to the authorities for he felt letting them in, hugging them would mean harm. The girl wandered alone, put her kettle on. She bought cups and doubled them up with beautiful quotes and lyrics of songs. The man thought the girl was ‘wrong’, waited to see her fall. His experiences had it engraved in pure ink – ‘every man must fend for himself, at all risks’. The tea went on, the cakes followed, slowly the songs became the anthem of the fellows. 

The man watched from a distance and realised that in all these years that he had lived, he never had the chance to love and feel loved but had advised. He had lived a life, through all these years, with experiences galore but somewhere ‘loving’ people for who they are never followed. 

Her silences of letting him be right was a mark of respect beyond everything. Someone like her, who could love the masses without blinking, had learnt her ‘being human’ lessons well within. 

When ‘life’ is the only chord that holds all of us together, who cares on who gets the strengths and curvature right?! Life, itself, begs to be loved and accepted rather than turning it into a ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ fight.