The damn space.

This damn space that is provided by time

Is uniquely boring, subtly breakable as it concedes in life

Something remarkable makes this space

A terrible feeling of owning, disowning, price and theft

Watch the space – they say

Trust the wait and add a pray

Neither the space gets a makeover

Nor the endless smiling face

It just remains a broken machine far from even willing to race

The clock ticks

The days go

Months pass and years flow

The space never gets filled

Playing the wait game just gets skilled.

Just a game.. 

When it’s all just a game, whether you win or not, no longer matters; it’s all the same

Whether you have a coveted design or you are bare foot, all that you are is all that you ever could 

When the whistle blows, everyone starts, you start too but how does it matter if you never wanted to 

You stood at the same start line facing the same finish line, it hardly matters if you didn’t have a slightest clue or a dime 

You start with the rest, you hardly finish with them

Then when you are questioned, would you look at yourself and feel the tension?! 

You do, you often do! Because you feel you could have finished it too but reality states it’s different 

Where you stood, even if it was by choice, where you end will be governed by your inner voice

If your voice is the same as all those that stood on that start line, you would finish with them too and shine 

Rarely that’s what happens though! Because at the core we all differ in faith, belief and needs too 

Fighting our own lines of rationality and irrationality, we rarely get into the understanding of the dichotomy

We know it’s there, somewhere, in all of us, but do we really nurture it with our complete trust?! 

Perhaps the end, that tangible end, seems glorious when we all start 

Alas! Some of us do miss the trigger of our own part 

When we look back in time, we think hard, we retrospect and introspect 

Perhaps just a way to make our selves believe that all we did was at our best 

Maybe it’s true for a majority of us 

When we retire with a significant sentence saying – ‘I was not good enough’ 

The reasons then become extremely blurry 

No one cares or asks or even wants to know where you were standing at the start of the journey 

I call these lemon lies of life in time

They come with a particular taste, smell and they are always in demand 

These lies take away you from you because they are acidic in their nature, they corrode 

You never really learn to hold yourself together and forgive you for being you.