The very fact that none of us have a choice to die closes all avenues and norms of ‘freedom’ that we keep talking about time and again through centuries. We are all born out of other humans. We evolve into humans. We carry out tasks like other humans. We basically move up and down and in circles like every other human. In these movements through time and air, we entangle ourselves into thoughts, theories and actions. We react, we act, we feel and we live. We force feed ourselves into gaining knowledge of the unknown given that we feel very strongly about the power of the universe that we are all a part of! However, in the process we fail to acknowledge that this very universe didn’t give us the key to be equal and to be free in our human form 😂 What it has done though is this. It has given each of us a desire, a little code of information in each of us that makes us all exactly equal and exactly similar. So I don’t understand these baseless debates around equality and around freedom.. Doesn’t suit us humans to even talk of freedom because for sure, the only certainty that we do know of, that is, death, we don’t even have the freedom to choose it so what on earth are we talking about and killing each other and fighting for?! 

I will always miss you, my dear friend. 

I trusted time and I thought we had enough

Somehow I believed we could meet and chat even though wake hours were tough 

I knew I had a lot to tell you and I knew you had a lot to share 

Of life and broken veins 

Of trust and undefined pain 

Somehow I got it all wrong. 

Your last breath took you real far 

My friend in you, died with your body car 

I can play pretend and repeat a thousand times 

That I know your soul will live with me till my last cry 

But I also know that it will be a lie 

I misjudged the time I had, to see the physical you, to meet, chat and weave few more dreams through 

Now that I have lost you, 

I sit back and think 

Our memories are all that I have to hold onto as I let your absence sink 

I know that time is one big healer of pain 

I so wish I had used it wisely; to weave pieces of our life story than to contemplate after you are gone, in vain. 

I will always miss you, my dear friend. 

Life is what it is. 

Things will get bad to worse. You might see your loved ones die, you might see them struggle in and out in search of a ‘better life’. Your faith will be shattered and broken into pieces, some might even tell you that ‘faith’ and ‘belief’ are just plain words, mean nothing and aren’t significant enough. You might even find yourself being punished and cornered for no fault of yours. You might feel the pressure of egos and find yourself in the middle of someone else’s power struggle. 
Life, is not going to be how you had hoped for or wanted it to be. Life will exactly be how it is meant to be. It doesn’t matter what your plans are and what your ideologies are. You will be crucified, if that’s what life wants you to feel. 
You will have your moments of pleasure, you certainly, will have your moments of laughter. But you do have to return back to the grind because moments don’t add up to make life; moments add up to make memories of your time within your life. 
In general, if you aggregate life, your life or anyone’s life, you will see the sufferings aren’t that different in nature and neither are they profoundly dignified. 
Why then are you and me in here in life?! 🙂 
Probably because we need to feel the pulsating heart, to feel the tears that roll from eyes to cheek, to feel the pure and the impure being carried through the arteries and veins in harmony. 

We are in life to feel life within the boundaries of our limited human understanding! 


If there’s a reality to life that I can tell,

I will tell you it is ‘death’ my friend. 

It all comes down to the ashes, 

Neither do the looks matter nor the size and certainly not how it crashes!

You are reduced to the same human ash as me.

Why then do I and you have so much of hatred in between?

Is it because from where you stand, you choose not to see the ash like I do? 

So while you collect your diamonds and set rules to conquer the world, 

Your conscience does cry! 

Trust your inner being, if not me, ‘death’ precedes our perceived reality. 

If you are born, you have to die, 

Why do you and I have to distance ourselves and you make me cry?

What is in life for you, holds dear to me as well. 

I don’t see hatred anywhere from where I see my self. 

I see colours; red, white and black. 

I bleed red and I know you do too, 

So where is the yardstick then for me to hate you? 

I will die one day and so will you, 

Till death rules us with certainity there isn’t much that your hatered can do!