Strength and courage

I don’t really know why I am writing this but here it is..

Off late, a lot of people are telling me on how the world and it’s people make individuals question their choices, opinions, looks and basically existence in every possible way.

Things like, oh, you still don’t have a job? What are you going to do? Or are you sure about leaving him? What will you do without him? Your life is anyway very hard or Are you sure you want to be with her? I think you can do better or Have you really decided not to have children? You will regret this later in life or Are you sure you want to wear this to the party? I think you should change .. and it further goes into an endless loop of what the world thinks.

Not that I haven’t been on the receiving end of such statements myself but over the years, I have learned that life, is meant to be lived not to be compared or to be awarded but to be lived. Things flow just as emotions and over a period of time, pain, focus and priorities change axis. This happens to everyone.

The trick to survive through any transitional phase without being questioned by the society is one of the worst things to expect.. Hence, huge blinkers will surely help to pass through the transitions without much emotions. At the end of the phase, once settlement starts kicking in, people mostly retire or give up pointing their fingers at you or stop poking you because you would have passed their judgement barriers.

With open questions like ‘have you really thought this through’ or like ‘do you know how hard it is going to get’ .. the best answer often is to be honest and admit that you don’t know but that you shall see whatever comes your way just as them. By involving them in that uncertainty, maybe you can get hold of some tricks or earn some self peace.

But the problem is when you start asking their questions to your own self .. That’s when you let everyone win the battle against you and are ultimately left on your own in the battleground. This part, right before you adopt their questions, pause and breathe deeply .. If you still want to ask their questions to your own self, your answer should be .. I am strong enough to fight my battles; my strength and my courage are the my two most important keys.

When .. 

When all the roads lead to hell 

You choose the one you know well 

You stick to it despite its flaws 

You judge it with your senses and never use use claws 

You pick the right bends to rest up and walk again 

You move with your vigour 

You don’t let the ultimate knowledge destroy you, defeat you 

You enjoy the road like you don’t know what’s ahead 

You breathe in and out as you cover the distance and go from strength to strength 

You never hope that the destination changes into heaven 

You never let the ultimate knowledge of the hell be an obstruction 

Then when you are about 3 feet away from the final destination, the road would naturally decay and you would gradually fall 

You would lie on your back and maybe curse the end 

But you need to look on the other side and praise your courage, strength and stamina to have come this far, my friend.