‘In Your Eyes’ reminded me of me ..

Few weeks back I was browsing through netflix and came across a movie titled “In Your Eyes”.. Read the two line synopsis and saw the rating and started watching 🙂 

A strange connection between two complete strangers in two completely different parts of the world made me scream aloud and say “hey! I know that can happen! Happened to me!” .. Of course as I said in the title the movie reminded me of me – so it was no surprise that I was seeing a part of me on screen. 

The sheer delight was to watch the characters being essayed on screen and how they get drawn towards each other, see what the other sees, feel what the other feels .. I am not too convinced that you can actually see; though as I said I am completely in agreement with the fact that you can feel each other and share a telepathic bond. 

At a very personal level, I was hoping the movie would provide an answer as to why this bond happens between two souls but I guess that’s like seeking some evidence based scientific question being answered by a movie 🙂 Can’t happen! 

But nevertheless, I was happy that the two lead characters fell in love and found each other at the end of the movie 🙂 They just deserved to be with each other .. For me it was like “connected by soul” 🙂 

And as far as I am concerned and my telepathic connection with this stranger is concerned, I don’t know if we’ll ever head the love way and end up with each other but you never know 🙂 It’s nice to have bits of unpredictability around the structured “life” 🙂 

For me, this movie also reinforced the fact that at times doing what’s “right” and doing what you “want” might be completely different and can be absolutely parallel to each other – stand by what you want cos that would eventually lead to a happy soul 🙂 

And another emotional movie with a perfect ending 🙂 Is a must watch, if you haven’t.