Add / Delete.

To every thing that I can add, I have a delete option as well. Imagine this, if I could only add and not delete or could only delete and not add. Would I still be this reckless on knowing each and everything on social media? Would I still be promoting my brands and creativity through social media? Would I still be participating in campaigns on social media?

The comfort that is perhaps available to me and to everyone else is the fact that I am able to change my mind by deleting or blocking or hiding someone’s feed or someone or something that I don’t like or that I don’t approve of or that something is hurtful. I can take my chances of participating in any hashtag and be proud to be a part of any campaign that I feel like because I know that chances of me having to validate my likes are low unless of course, I am a celebrity and then the equations change. But I am talking about this from a non celebrity perspective.

If I could not delete anything and I could only add everything and participate in everything, would I do that or would I complain about my freedom of choice? I am sure I would or perhaps I would go beyond my usual senses and use cognition to make my judgements in terms of who to know and what to know.

But with clicks right at our disposal and touch screens making lives easy, the basic instinctive perspective on what feels right, has somewhere gone missing. It’s no longer leading us into a society where individuals think. It is more like how to make it faster or better than the other using different links. And then, we all have blocking available to all of us. We don’t like something, block it. We don’t like someone, block them.

I am sure this very universe gave us the right senses to block things out so why do the clicks need to mimic them to be in line? I feel with every little step that we take towards becoming worldly aware, we are losing out the clicks and links to be who we are at the inside. Because think about this, if everything could be seen and learnt through machines, why is it that we are still struggling with them to put thoughts and feelings in?

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