TV series : Einstein. 

Bless the souls in my life who get amazingly disturbed if I don’t watch TV or if I am not following any series or watching films. They take it upon themselves to find something to get me on board simply because they want to know what I think! That also makes me wonder whether I should charge everyone that wants to know what I think because that way I, potentially, could become a millionaire 😃 

This bit is about this National Geographic series on Einstein. I didn’t want to watch it at first and then it took a bit of convincing and I was asked to watch it not because of the man but because of his wife, Mileva Maric Einstein.  

I am not a physicist and though I too hold a keen interest in understanding this very universe but I dwell on the patterns and numbers for my curiosity not on the science per se, if I may make that clear here .. But this post is not about science or numbers .. This post is about a woman, Mileva, who married a genius 😊 

Let’s look at Meliva .. A young ambitious woman with a brilliant mind of her own. A father who believes in her and encourages her to follow her dreams. A mother who tries to argue that no man has ever married a woman for her brain while the father gets her enrolled in a school only for boys just because she has a passion and a drive to understand the universe through science. That’s Mileva Maric .. Rather that’s perhaps the most common description of a girl child in today’s world; one who belongs to a moderately functional, economically sound family .. Or middle class as the term is popularly known 😊 so let’s call this girl M. 

M goes to university. Meets a bright young man who falls in love with her because they share the intellectual space. They challenge each other and they take a great pride in writing proofs and developing theories. The man sees her as his partner and they get married. She conceives and they have a child. The man gets busy trying to earn and keep the household running while M gets busy changing diapers, cleaning, cooking and running a house. In the meantime, due to her health and child birth, she fails her exams. While the man passes his university exams, she fails them. However, as a woman with a mind of her own and an inquisitive brain, she does help the man with his work too besides looking after the house. 

Time rolls and one fine day she realises that she isn’t a physicist anymore. She is a wife. She is a mother. She is a clerk to her husband. But the physicist that she had dreamt of, the scientist that her father once believed she would be, she is none of that. 
She meets the woman of her dreams one fine day, a scientist and she says ‘when I was young, I too dreamt to win the Nobel and be a famous physicist like you. Then with kids and house, somewhere I left physics. How did you manage everything?!’ 

M’s dream woman replied ‘I didn’t. My kids never saw me. They grew up without me while I worked in laboratories. I go to bed each night thinking that they probably hate me. But your kids, your kids adore you’. 

And this is where I am going to stop 😊 
Mileva or M or whatever you are called .. You direct your life and nothing else .. There are infinite paths to lead a life. There are infinite paths to love. There are equally infinite ways to define relationships and there are more than one way to happiness, to your own happiness 😊 

None of us are meant to get it all, none of us get it all either. The compromises that we make and the justifications that we provide don’t always have to comply with the world. 

Remember how M’s father pushed her and remember how M’s husband used her thinking she was smart and could push herself, make home and help him with work too 😃 ?!?! That’s how the world is .. You’ll be put through equal amounts of push and pull .. The choices you make and the roads you walk on will always be your own .. Hence, take a pride in them because no one ever walks in your shoes to precisely know your pauses and walks. 


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