The US president. 

When Donald Trump won the elections, I was in San Francisco. I clearly remember the morning after the election results were declared. I remember everything about that day. I remember how his win made me fall back into my chair and I thought to myself if this was really happening.. 

Trump’s winning the election to getting to the Oval Office, wasn’t that much of a surprise to me as a statistician. The trends hinted at his win early on. The key decision makers were betting on him and the likelihood of his becoming the president were high. I still had this bleak hope somewhere that something would change.

As he got comfortable in his chair, the trend of saying whatever you want to say, to whoever you want to say to, behave in whichever way you want, basically be what you want to be, rose. The curiosity around whether I can say this to him or her, fell wide open and suddenly everything was alright to be said, to be heard, to be written about and to be debated on. 

The importance of the self, gained prominence and social media became the wave that everyone was meant to be on. A gradual shift happened where power changed definitions and became a tool to play with. With media joining in, creating news became a battleground whereas everyone forgot to ask – is this even news?! 

The rise of Trump, in my time and life, will be the single biggest rise in self obsessiveness and a grand celebration of – ‘I can do what I want to do, it’s my life, my choice.’ If I were teaching the next generation, I would cite him as an example to learn how to make the impossible possible but I would put a disclaimer too .. that it shouldn’t be at the cost of lives who lack the cognition and rely on their senses entirely. 

Oh well ❤️ Long live President Trump, what else can I say!

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