Maacher Jhol – bengali film .. 

I got introduced to the Bengali song, Je tore pagol bole, from the film, Maacher Jhol by a friend. Since then, I have been wanting to watch the film. More like, the lyrics of the song acted as trigger to the film. The song is the opening song in the film and that’s it.. Just as I was going to rubbish the entire film because it was all pretty predictable, I got drawn into this truth of life .. that in order to be somebody, you got to be selfish and self love has to dominate everything. Pretty harsh; eh?! But sadly that’s what was shown on screen 😊 I don’t think I needed a screen to know this all over again but it was lovely to sit through a someone’s story and narrative, which I did like to be honest. 

Maacher Jhol is a story of a man who follows his heart to become a famous chef and comes back to his own country after 12 years when his mom falls ill. From leaving his country, a secured job, to chasing his dream in a foreign land, to coming back home to face his fears and to acknowledge the course of his own life, the film keeps going back and forth in time and is reasonably well made. Some of the dialogues do touch your heart and some of faces on screen are highly annoying like that character Maggie 🤣 She should have been given 2 minutes of the screen time just like her name in the film 😁 The changing concept of power, from a rebellious son to a renowned chef, to an ordinary man full of contradictions is, in my opinion, remarkable. The paradigm shift from guilt to forgiveness is subtle and I loved it ❤️

I am no film critic and neither do I understand any bit of filmmaking but if I were to recommend a good story to be seen on screen, I probably wouldn’t recommend Maacher Jhol as such but I would say that if you really really want to watch a Bengali film, then it’s worth it 😊 It’s available on Netflix!

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