Love fiercely. Hug tightly.

Most part of my life, I have been a mess. Not that I have done something deliberately to get over the mess apart from complaining and blaming; I have just enjoyed that messy space 😊 In one such space, I met A. He hugged me. He hugged me tight and said ‘this hug should last at least 20 seconds, that’s a rule from now on’. I realised that after 5 seconds or so, I knew that here’s this one individual who cares. I realised that holding someone physically close is easy but making them feel that they belong to you and that you care for them, sits in a complete different dimension. It’s this strange game of energies that you transmit and receive, in that close proximity that changes every set variables of the equations that you hold together. When that sense of belonging settles in, a deep realisation succeeds; you are not the body that has been held together by another; you are connected to the other in soul. This world seldom lets you open up the doors that focus on your vulnerabilities but then it wraps you up with a need to belong. The dichotomy then settles in for a trembling space where ‘not knowing’ is honoured over ‘being torn apart’ 😊 Imagine this, if you hugged only the ones that did matter to you and hugged them with love, wouldn’t it be the pain then that would precede all the facets of your being, that you would no longer want to hide?!? ❤️

So, I say, love fiercely and make that hug worthy; because you never know, that just might be the last hug 🤗 that you would have shared.

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