The one scene actor’s short lived biography 

Out of curiosity, what value or worth it is to me or to any human being on this very planet to know how many girls actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui slept with, along with his love making details?! 😃😃😃 I mean what contribution to knowledge does such a biography provide?! I am sure it’s been a long hard struggle for him to make his mark in the film industry but then it’s a struggle for everyone to make a mark somewhere, each and every day. Big deal. And it gets funnier when the women you claim to have been in a relation with slap legal notices and offer clarifications on how you have cooked up stories 😂 

Result – an apology and withdrawal of the book completely 😃😃😃 

Now that’s some serious printing cost gone down the drain for a publishing house! Innit?!! 

So my last question is .. Did you not read the manuscript before it turned itself into a book?! Or did you think in this day and age, it’s perfectly fine to lie and make up stories to sell a book 😃 

What a waste of breath!

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