Bollywood films 

I recently got a whole big box of Bollywood film DVDs and I thought alright, let me be decent and start watching some Bollywood main stream films .. 
I started with Toilet Ek Prem Katha. I had heard so much about it when I was in India in August that I thought it’ll be a great start. It was nice. Had a message and had its own target audience.. So all very cool.. I could relate to parts of Murshidabad where toilets are an issue and where the West Bengal Government is now working on to solve this issue .. So all in all, a nice story. Not something that I would go back to ever but like a one time watch! 
Then I moved to watch Sridevi, Nawazuddin and Akshay starrer film, MOM.. I felt like I was travelling back in time. There was this old film with Raveena, Manoj and someone else and it was an exact same story where the girl child gets raped and then the mom takes on the rapists killing them. The difference between the new film Mom and the old film that I can’t remember the name of, is that in the new one Sridevi is a step mother and in the older one Raveena was the biological mother. So it’s like exactly same stuff, packaged differently and recycled after good number of years! 
And I stopped looking at the DVDs since. 
My question is this. Why does a story on screen have to be either attached to a motive or be targeted to achieve something or be a replica of something that’s already worked ages ago?! .. 
Look at us. Look at the people around you, look at you. When our stories and life that we all live individually is so very different given all the similarities then how hard can it be to tell a story on screen which lacks political agenda or lacks originality?! 
Or perhaps the so called storytellers have become so very complacent to stay in their job that they no longer care about anything. It seems like an assembly line production of stories .. Mix 1998’s 3 scenes with 1978’s 4 scenes and then add some 2015’s newspaper articles and that’s it.. We have a film! 😁😁😁
What a waste of money and time! 
Then someone like Rishi Kapoor goes on air to say that the ‘audience likes garbage so we give them garbage’ 🙏 

The issue is this. No one cares what the audience actually likes. I have known the best and renowned filmmakers who have claimed openly that they make a film for their own selves primarily with a hope that the audience will like it or appreciate it.. Fair enough! We all work with and on what we like; few of us rather are blessed to be doing what we thoroughly enjoy and that’s fine. As long as we don’t enter into a large arena thinking and feeling that whatever we enjoy must be enjoyable for a wider audience. And when you do step into a wider arena how hard is it to step in with some sensibility and originality rather than with an agenda to please someone or with an agenda to recycle and copy?! 
Besides the story, I have not seen a single film where I have loved the clothes or the boots or the accessories of the actors to say that oh look! I would like to buy or wear something like that. For some strange reason I have felt like I should provide my jackets and boots to some of the actors on screen cos their outfits were pathetic. So aesthetically even there is hardly anything OTT or anything worth a recall. At least if there’s no story, you can least admire the outfits but then that’s not even there. Or the locations. That’s even worse! Let’s not even get there. At times I feel I should rent out my own house to a shoot .. At least people can appreciate the decor!   

Oh well. I am done ranting on a Saturday morning 😂😂😂 Maybe I should get down to tell a story on screen .. Nah! Actually I should just quit living.

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