I’m sort of bored of these sexual assault and harassment stories because somewhere they are all relatable and somewhere they all have bits and pieces that I don’t want to relive or recall or even remember. When this one woman from the west coast, #RayaSarkar put out a list of academicians to warn prospective students of the sexual harassments that happen in educational institutions, I had to sit back and applaud her. I had to. 

It is no longer my personal battle or someone’s personal battle against sexual violence or assaults or harassments; we are all in it together as individuals. 

The fight is a lot deeper than what it appears on the surface. Naming and shaming might work and it also has an equal probability that it might not work. The battle concerning individuals minus institutions and individuals with institutional baggage, has and will have varied impact. Which one hides in which one and who feeds into who, will perhaps be the driving force into either bringing all these to a close or brush them under the carpet. 

Interesting .. that’s perhaps the only word that I have for this campaign and that’s the only word that I also had for the widespread #MeToo campaign as well. 

I am not oblivious to the other gang of individuals asking victims to come out and talk about specifics before naming & shaming .. I had said this before that talking about these puzzling and self depreciating experiences doesn’t come easy. It takes years and years to be able to admit to being a ‘victim’ at the hands of power in any form. 

Naming someone in anonymity is a lot safer for your own sanity when you aren’t strong or when you don’t feel and know for sure that you are strong. I am sure we all know by now that sexual abuse is hardly to do with sex. It’s about power. Hence, specifics do and are bound to take a backseat while avoidance and silence sit in the front row. 

Nevertheless I am with Raya and I am with every individual who dares to stand up with a voice despite my boredom. (My boredom goes through its own phase 😂)

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