The life before ..

The life before ‘social profile’ sat in prominence is hard to imagine. Was I this interested in people and their lives is hard to believe and argue? The number of times that I have liked someone’s travel album or someone’s new born baby’s photo is beyond count. Earlier all this information used to travel through in time and I would genuinely be happy or think or leave it to my imagination on how their lives would be. That imagination of mine would generate hope, would generate positivity and a lot of genuine warmth in me for them. Now, with everything right on my wall and in my face, I am pretty sure that my feelings are stagnant.

The same click, the same love, wow and sad expression, how much more do I have to add? Is that all that I am allowed to feel when I switch on that social media tab? I guess everyone likes to be angry once in a while and thank god, I am able to click on anger too but then do I really click it for posts of friends, colleagues and people by and large? No. I seldom react to being angry on a piece of news that I feel has an impact on me somehow. The conformity that I have been made a subject of, governs me day and night. I get notifications on everything that I post online. Why do people react? Why don’t they act? Have we always been a society that acts to react? I wonder.

Do I miss the age old traditions and long waits for a piece of news? Perhaps I have been pushed into the age of ‘now’. I am so used to getting reactions right as I finish posting that I no longer no what it feels like to wait. I could argue that it is a good thing to have happened in time. But I could also counter agrue that perhaps what waiting would have taught me, these instant reactions wouldn’t.

Do I then blame the social media for being a part of life? I guess I blame myself for ‘being social online’.



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