He .. 

He, failed to keep his promise,

He, got promoted to the post of a director,

He, longed to see his ailing mother,

And he, promised to never fall in love. 
He, couldn’t tell anyone how he truly felt,

He, had to walk miles to feed his growing self,

He, learnt the art of ‘being strong’,

And he, forgot to close the chapters of worldly rights vs wrongs.
He, worried about his family finances, 

He, danced like a maniac at the party crisis, 

He, spoke nonstop all through the night,

And he, couldn’t tell anyone that he didn’t feel all right. 
He, did stare at the beautiful girl walk in,

He, didn’t give a damn to the winning cricket team, 

He, chased out a thousand worries from his head,

And he, spoke about everything but being well. 
He, wanted to cry out loud,

He, could feel his world collapse,

He, found it hard to play pretend being strong,

And he, quietly resigned to feeling depressed. 
He, became the subject of social issues,

He, made the world believe in strength, power,

He, held onto his glorious position of the provider,

And he, failed to frown at the losses of the flag bearer. 
He, let days pass, weeks pass and years go by,

He, wrote songs; he, wrote lullabies, 

He, sang with all his heart, 

And he, danced to the beats even when it didn’t make it to the charts. 
He, strengthened everything that was thrown at him,

He, rejoiced the fame,

He, parted with the image that chained his soul,

And he, became a victim of his own strength. 
He, renounced the world at several points in life,

He, was still held responsible for the mess,

While he, led the world into powerful visions, 

He, was still held accountable for the disdains.

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