The not ‘beautiful’ talk. 

Ugly said she is disliked,

For who she is, for what she is.

For years that Ugly has been, 

It has been a long lost battle and she no longer feels she can win. 

‘People judge me, they do that all the time. 

Insensitivities cover me from all sides, all the while’. 

I have tried to be and I have tried to breathe freely,

But they keep repeating that ‘I am not pretty’. 

I am Ugly and I should just be. 

I can’t let people see my inner beauty.

I can’t explain to the world, in and beyond the moon, that being Ugly is the most beautiful phenomenon. 

I walk in the dark so the light could be, 

I gather the dust while the beauty in me breathes. 

I pass through the skin, I pass through the bones, I pass through the thoughts and the states, even when it’s unknown. 

I never touch the soul, in fact, she’s my only place of solace and confinement. 

The soul tells me ‘Ugly, you are beyond resentment. Just because people fail to see me, their souls, Ugly, you’ll remain confined to the bones’. 

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