When my blessing turned into a curse. 

What a blessing it is to be born a human, is what I thought,

Little did I know, at that moment, that I was queuing up for a massive, deadly war, on being human, to be fought.

Day after day, night after night, in darkness and in bright light, 

I have a task to prove.

A task to rise above the fellow humans, in class, chores and in determination.

I have always wondered, 

Why should I be ahead, lead and they follow?

Why do I keep my pride, guilt and they have theirs to swallow? 

‘You are different’, I am told. ‘You belong to a class that’s rich, powerful and can make the laws break and fold’. 

Who nominated me to these laws and who assigned power to me? 

Isn’t power something that I, inherited by being born as human being? 

Isn’t it the same for all other humans too? 

None of us are to lead and none of us are to follow. 

We are, to be! To be humans on this planet that we call home. 

Then where did this ‘I am your leader and I will lead you into light’ come through?

Did I start on a wrong thought by any chance? 

Was really being born as a human meant to be a blessing and not a curse or a farce?

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