Happy republic day, India 

I really can’t recall any of the words in the preamble and neither can I recall the constitutional structure. I can, however, for as long as I can remember, remember that I was taught to voice my opinion even with trailing shadows of critical abundance. 

I remember having taught time and again that truth triumphs and goodness prevails. I also remember the unity in diversity slogan that I have used to set my sails. 

The chaos, files covered in dust and some big fat rats feeding on rust, have all been a part of me and have nurtured different levels of quest. Systems, dates, long waits, and cancellations without notices; have all served their purpose. 

Time, didn’t wait and people, did change. My country, India, still remained the same. It never stopped growing in its soul and heart. It hugged me each time it felt we grew apart. 
I remember the gurbani that I have grown up with, I remember the azaan that has made me, in peace, sit. My country’s temples and mosques have never missed a single day, a single tune. 

India, held my belief together, fed my faith and fear, it pruned. The cold winter mornings and the immense dry days, my country with its people has celebrated and stood in silence, together, in every way. 

India, is not about the businesses that employ millions and neither is it about the huge structural dispositions. India’s soul is in its power of faith. India is a host to the world’s greatest thinkers, game changers and seekers of truth running against fate. 

A very happy Republic day, India. 

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