One day .. 

One day I woke up and I didn’t know what was I doing in this world?! I didn’t know what my purpose was in life.. I had no clue as to how important or unimportant I am as a person, even to my own family.. 

Everything seemed pretty different .. The books that I read at one point, no longer interested me.. The games that I played at one point, disappointed me.. Cinema that I used to spend hours on, suddenly seemed like a waste of time .. 

What was wrong?! I looked around .. The house looked beautiful.. The kitchen was clean .. The cabinets looked polished.. I realised the cleaner had just been in.. But still somehow they even seemed to ask me what was I doing in their space or maybe I was just making it all up in my head.. 

The urge to know why I am here kept getting intense and I lost my sense of worldly time and hour.. Days went by, so did years .. I was still holding onto that one question .. Why am I here?! 

Then came a night with a bright light that said ‘have you ever asked – who you are, instead?’ .. I jumped and said – ‘oh to that one, I know. I am a human’ .. The light got dimmer and finally went out .. In the darkness, I touched my face and said ‘am I not a human, as I thought?’ 

I was already in an inner battle trying to understand why am I here and to even not know who am I was a bigger blow than I thought .. What if I never found an answer to my own questions – will I still float through life and see the end of it as it is? And what if I do find answers to my own questions – will I change my glasses for viewing?! 

I don’t know. 

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