Zulfiqar – the film 

I had some time on my hands and decided to watch this fairly new Bengali film – Zulfiqar by Srijit Mukherji. 

Few months back when I first saw the trailer of the film, I hated it and felt like puking. I, most wrongly, feel that marketing is an art and few people do it so graciously that I, would even end up buying junk from these great marketing geniuses. 
Then, I saw the film and I made an effort to watch the film and didn’t just give up and sat in comfort with my heavy hard biases. 

Zulfiqar Ahmed – you stole my heart 🙂 

The film, Zulfiqar, revolves around this man Zulfiqar Ahmed; his family, his power, his ethics of running a business and all that happens in the dark alleys of this very world.. When ‘trust’ is up for sale, ‘sex’ satisfies the ego, and ‘blood’ gets in the way of power .. When ‘talking about’ becomes easy than ‘talking to’ .. When ‘premonitions’ are misinterpreted as ‘panic attacks’ .. When ‘being able to move masses’, ‘being able to control people’ becomes an addiction .. That’s when the darkest alleys of a human mind and soul, perhaps, no longer know what it means to be human. 
To me, each character of the film, was like an ‘independent emotion’ in isolation.. The dependency structure of these emotions, the characters, is what bound the film, beautifully .. This is one film where I found ‘love’ to be surreal 🙂 

The songs of Zulfiqar are awesome! I have already bought them on iTunes 🙂 🙂 🙂 And today, for once, I am very proudly going to accept my new probability distribution when it comes to films .. I follow this ‘brtapo’ distribution 🙂 🙂 Named after my non-Normal liking and taste in films and coined by one of my dear friends 🙂 I am proud of it. 

And lastly, I loved the film.

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