Who’s worth it?! 

Once there lived a young boy in a small village. If he had someone who he would call his own, it was his father… He had never seen his mother and had a very vague idea as to how a mom would be… he had seen his friend’s mother’s and for him, his mom always existed in his drawing books and his thoughts. He had no complaints about that and he liked it that way. His dad was a temple priest and would always teach his son all good things to follow… would recite good poems, and would tell his son to always love people and things around him, to spread happiness everywhere irrespective of his own feelings and to live life in gratitude…. The son was an obedient one and would take his father’s teaching’s very seriously and grew up believing that life is all about love, happiness and gratitude. 

Years went by and the son turned out into a fine gentleman who everyone loved. He commanded respect from every sect of the society. Elders, children, peers – everyone simply loved him for the kind of person he was…For his attitude towards life. If they were feeling low, he would be there to pep them up. If they were sick, he would be there to take care of them. If they had troubles, he would be there to offer help… he was always there. 

For him, everyone was a friend and as he had learnt from his father, one should always love others, help others and be grateful and express that gratitude. 

His best friend fell in love with a beautiful lady from the neighboring village and distanced himself from him. It bothered him for a while but he smiled and in no time was a part of his best friend’s happiness… he said to himself, ‘as long as he’s happy, I am happy…he’s my best friend after all’.
The lady he was in love with decided to dump him for another man… he was heart broken but gathered himself and smilingly said, ‘I still love her but I can’t bind her in my love and be selfish… I am happy as long as she’s happy’.

One evening, he was sitting with his dad and his dad asked him… ‘Are you happy?’ … He smiled and said, ‘ why sucha question father?’ … His father smiled and said…’Son, I want to know, are you happy? and be honest’

The young man now thought for a second and said… ‘Yes, father.! I am happy. I am happy because I have never limited my happiness by materials, I have never limited my happiness by people and I have never limited my happiness by any other feeling except love and gratitude. Love and gratitude helped my happiness grow. Not having the best of friends or people to spend time with and letting go the lady I loved weren’t easy to accept initially… But I realised something… I didn’t learn to be selfish ever. I learned to spread happiness, I learned to love and I learned to be in gratitude. Hence, I am happy coz I have learned my lessons really well’. 
The man continued…. ‘ life’s an exercise book, your exercise book… you give points and credits to events and people in it. Every learning, every chapter has a learning outcome and as long as you learn your lessons well… you got to be happy because that’s what you are meant to do in here’. 

His father asked him… ‘ Do you really feel that every person you come across is worth your attention, your love, your service?’
The son replied… ‘Father, I don’t choose people who walk in my life… I do welcome everyone who chooses to enter through the door… I offer them the best of my services… in love, in happiness and in gratitude. 

Sometimes, they stay long and let me believe that they like me or are in love with me and let me believe that I am important to them… But once they see their wants come to a close, they decide to move on. And I let them. Why should I stop them and question them Dad? My life is all about love, happiness and gratitude. My life is not to question or to probe. I don’t invite them, I don’t ask them to leave. They come, they go! I am happy that whatever little time I spend with them adds to my memory list and it will remain there forever’. 
The father asked …’Son, did you ever think if all these people were really worth all your attention, all your love?’ 

The son smiled and said….’Did the Lord ever think the need to come down and tell me if I was worth not having a mom? He simply let me be and let me grew up without mom… Similarly father, I don’t decide any one’s worth… I am here and will be here in love, in happiness and in gratitude. Whoever needs me, whenever one needs me, I’ll be right beside them. Without judging the worth, I can still do my bit and I will always’. 
…he continued…’Dad, as far as you being concerned about my feelings goes, always remember that you have taught me to live life in love, in happiness and in gratitude… and that’s what I always do and will do…And yes… I am happy’.!

Moral of the story:

Your happiness lies in not determining who’s worth your affection, your love, your attention, your care…Your happiness lies in knowing and being honest and true to your lessons in life. Your entity lies in learning your lessons properly not in determining or judging the scales of someone else’s understanding of your values and thoughts.

PS : I wrote this many many years ago, about 12 years ago 🙂 Just found it in my old mailbox, and thought of sharing it here. 

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