In the deepest, darkest hour ..

As I lay down on my bed and looked up, the ceiling had a pattern, a beautiful symmetry of small squares which were in a straight line, one after the other.. I looked at my window and saw that the curtains weren’t shut properly and the thin light from the streets made it’s way onto my room’s ceiling.. 

I paused and stared at it for a while. Will it disappear or will it stay like that until the sun comes out?! Will I stay up to see the future of this fascinating creation on the ceiling?! Perhaps no. I turned with these thoughts and I don’t remember when I fell asleep. 

I woke up and the first thing I looked at was the ceiling; the squares were greatly reduced in size; but they were still there.. In a perfect line but they had reduced in number and of course, in size. 

It was the sun’s impact; no longer the artificial light from outside.. And it made me wonder at the power of nature. No matter how thick my curtains are and no matter how badly I pull them to close, light, artificial or natural does find it’s way in.. When they do, the artificial one does draw some perfect shape, perfect lines, makes it all look very beautiful. When the natural ones come along, they reduce the artefacts, rather diminish them altogether; all they leave in, is a natural vision, a natural symmetry. 

If I compare the two, I do love the artificial light because it made things appear pretty through the night but then it did put me to sleep.. I woke up with the natural light which I got to breathe in. 

In conclusion, I feel, this is how we all are.. We get so drawn into the artificial web of perception, knowledge and feelings that we admire and sleep through it. Who has the time to dig deep and wake up to finding the patterns that naturally exist in us, around us unless they are enlarged and made to look larger than life and pretty by the artificial ingredients?! 

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