The lad who sniffed through my 10 dollar bill. 

There was a young lad, 

Who I bumped into accidentally and boy! I was so glad

He looked puzzled, he looked hungry 

I reached out to my pockets and I gave him money 

He would eat with me at times and I would pay our bill

Otherwise he would be on his own eating with his share of my 10 dollar bill 

One random afternoon, I decided to check on him 

I sneaked into the restaurant and waited for him 

He turned up and ate to his heart content 

I could sense guilt, creep in questioning my sneaking 

I smiled and thought, the young lad was going to grow into a fine man 

I felt content and I didn’t care about my emotional jam 

Several days went by and as I was almost about to forget about my routine 10 dollar bills 

A passerby commented that I should be aware of the circumstantial skills  

He said that I should not give money to young kids 

They buy glue and they sniff 

I was shocked, my trust was broken 

I wanted to find that young lad and find out where was he taken 

For him to sell his soul and to lie on my 10 dollar bill

That he took for food but instead used it to break the glue stick seal. 

(Based on a real experience of Utsav Mukherjee during his time at Jadavpur University) 

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