The day Need decided to take a stroll. 

Need, one day decided to take a stroll by the sea. He thought he needed some time on his own. Need had been under a lot of stress off late; he thought in order to survive he needed a bit of space. As Need walked by the beach, he saw people pushing their feet deep in to the sand. At first he didn’t understand. He saw every other couple, every other individual was doing the same; tracing and keeping a track of their footprints on the sand. Need knew that the sea would wipe them off just that he didn’t understand what got into everyone to religiously follow the footprints chant. 

Need thought for fun he should do it too. So he tried to push his feet hard into the sand but nothing happened. Surprised, he did it again with every inch of his body and still no footprint. He stood looking at the sand, the sea, the sky and the everyone. 

While everyone needed the footprints, to either tell a story or to make merry, Need, himself wasn’t getting to feel needy. Need became sad and sat down; thought what is the purpose of my life then?! Seems like everyone, everything has me while I shrink deeper, in a void. A miraculous voice from up above, called on Need and said “Giving is the biggest power that you cultivate in men, just as they learn to look beyond them.”

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