Kolkata, you make me cry. 

I was born in you, you abandoned me..

No matter how many times I have gone back to you, you have never hugged me ..

You burdened me with your old tales; stories of deceit and death ..

You didn’t bother to ask how was I, even in silence, amidst your fret..

You questioned my footprints on your underbelly roads..

You failed to see my tears as I stood in silence beside the ailing toad..

I always knew you thought and looked through .. 

How could you not see your own failures in me that intensely grew?! 

I was an embodiment of the city that I was born in, my home ..

What went so wrong that your visions were blurred and torn?! 

Did you give up on me because I wasn’t attentive to your tales?! 

Or did you give up on your own self because at an intrinsic level, I failed?! 

I read about you in papers nearly every day ..

I know you probably have a lot to say .. 

Maybe some day, somewhere, I will listen .. 

Till then, I will wrap myself in my own silence .. 

Perhaps all that I can ever tell you, with hand on my heart, 

Kolkata, you make me cry and you do tear me apart.

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