Life is what it is. 

Things will get bad to worse. You might see your loved ones die, you might see them struggle in and out in search of a ‘better life’. Your faith will be shattered and broken into pieces, some might even tell you that ‘faith’ and ‘belief’ are just plain words, mean nothing and aren’t significant enough. You might even find yourself being punished and cornered for no fault of yours. You might feel the pressure of egos and find yourself in the middle of someone else’s power struggle. 
Life, is not going to be how you had hoped for or wanted it to be. Life will exactly be how it is meant to be. It doesn’t matter what your plans are and what your ideologies are. You will be crucified, if that’s what life wants you to feel. 
You will have your moments of pleasure, you certainly, will have your moments of laughter. But you do have to return back to the grind because moments don’t add up to make life; moments add up to make memories of your time within your life. 
In general, if you aggregate life, your life or anyone’s life, you will see the sufferings aren’t that different in nature and neither are they profoundly dignified. 
Why then are you and me in here in life?! 🙂 
Probably because we need to feel the pulsating heart, to feel the tears that roll from eyes to cheek, to feel the pure and the impure being carried through the arteries and veins in harmony. 

We are in life to feel life within the boundaries of our limited human understanding! 

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