Dhanak, bonds with and beyond normal colours 

Film : Dhanak 

Directed by : Nagesh Kukunoor 

Available on Netflix. 

Dhanak, is a story set in Rajasthan where a young Pari keeps failing her exams to stay in the same class as her younger brother, Chotu, who’s blind. It is revealed in the narrative that Chotu wasn’t born blind; poor nourishment and lack of care by their uncle and aunt after the death of their parents, had an impact on his eyesight and by the time he was 4, he was blind. 
Chotu, now 8, is a die hard Salman Khan fan and even wears a bracelet similar to him while Pari is a die hard Shahrukh Khan fan and on their way to school, they toss a coin, depending on head or tails, it’s either a Salman Khan story or a Shahrukh Khan story on their way to school. 
Life moves on until one day when Pari decides to take her brother to meet Shahrukh Khan in Jaisalmer, who she believes has a cure for her brother and she has promised herself and to Chotu that he would be able to see by the time he turns 9! 
Their journey to Jaisalmer and to the end of the film is simply spectacular and heart touching. It is about love, it’s about trust and it’s about an unfailing bond of human fear and immense belief in goodness. There are moments in the narrative which puts you to the edge of your chair and there are moments where you just want to hug both the kids and cry! The most endearing part of the movie is that it is simply real to the core. Little things like seeing two kids on their own, someone pretends to be nice to them only to plan them to be kidnapped and sold and when a so called goddess confesses to a blind Chotu that she was an actor before becoming a goddess, are simply real. 
I guess it’s one of those films that reinforces the belief in you that if you honestly and sincerely seek something, it seeks you out too and eventually you are united. 
Dhanak has some amazing fusion songs and Rajasthan has never looked so gorgeous before 🙂

(Image courtesy Google images) 

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