I burnt a thousand times, to get my light intensity right

I burnt in silence, in and out of sight

I cleaned my residues and I packed my ashes 

I didn’t stop burning with the rain washes 

I knew I had no choice or theory to fall back on 

I also knew no textbook could tell me what was right and what was wrong 

I knew no learned men and I knew I had no friend 

I had to trace my own path, perhaps even carve it with my rough illuminating pen 

A thousand times seems really long 

Won’t you ask how many times I failed and fell down?! 

Far too many and far too little, I don’t even recall the road on which I travelled 

A distant memory, even distant past 

I do feel that I want to pause and watch the intensity that I have chased thus far

Did I get it right or was I chasing a mirage?! 

Perhaps I will never know or maybe I will, the day the ashes get carried away in my burial carriage. 

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