Kapoor and sons –  refreshing tale 

One of the most refreshing movies that I have seen recently is the fairly new Bollywood movie, Kapoor and sons, directed by Shakun Batra. 

Flawed humans; ethically, morally and situationally. The film talks about a family where two brothers come home at the news of their ailing grandfather and one after the other, come to terms with their own reality, of the unspoken words and inconclusive battles! The highest point in the film is the potrayal of the complexity through simple thoughts, words and gestures. 

At a personal level, the film touches you deep inside and you realise that it’s true though that a family is a family at the end of it all and blessed are the ones who have one to at least go back to despite the differences. 

On reflection, the film leaves you with a beautiful note; ‘love’ doesn’t necessarily mean sacrifice or giving, it also means spacing out and being there for each other despite the odds minus the bitterness of differences! 

(Image has been taken from Google images) 

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