Judges hat 

I tend to wear one and so does my friend

Each time we sit together to unwind and de-trend 

We invariably pick a movie, Bengali, in language, by nature 

Although, none of us are able to identify ourselves with the on screen gestures 

But we stick to it till the very end, I think it has all to do with the on screen romances and green pastures 

It doesn’t start until we are in the middle of the film

Suddenly one of us utters the word ‘disgusting’ 

Did you use that for the film or the story?!

None! It was for the bad guy chasing and harrasing the girl in complete glory

I wonder how filmmakers think of even putting in such scenes!

I guess they want to be real and clean 

Yes, I know. Life isn’t that fairy tale that we all read and our minds swallow 

I guess it’s also the directors own judgement of the characters and story situations that follow 

I think and then she thinks and we invariably end up thinking together 

Though we differ, we still happily admire 

We even pick up instances from our own lives to match the ones on screen 

We rip films apart and single out each scene 

By the time the film ends, we are completely exhausted 

We would have judged the director, his sensibilities, stances and even his choice of actors, actresses 

Hours later, when the film lingers somewhere; we sit with coffee mugs to judge some more and separate facts that do matter 

Friendship as they say is based on a deep inner connection; we say it’s based on judgements of characters that cross path at several on screen junctions. 

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