Drag-Tag along

The part of life that fascinates me the most is the tendency to drag along. 

We often find people tagging each other on posts; challenging and encouraging each other to post photos and also take on challenges like ‘I am a woman and I don’t need a tag’ challenge to ‘100 sareepact’ challenge to ‘black and white’ challenge to ‘husband / spouse, feel and celebrate love’ challenge to ‘being a mother’ challenge to what not! The list goes on! 

What intrigues me most in this is the dedication with which these challenges are dealt with, further propagating a chain of tagging and encouraging people to join in the race to be ‘one’ with everyone else. Thus diluting the uniqueness and dragging everyone into one big platform! 

I don’t think we achieve anything by doing this other than momentary pleasures of belonging to a community of people who we term as ‘like-minded’ but mind you, we have dragged each other into this ‘like minded’ pool. This further brings me to think and draw parallels with religion and religious movements worldwide. Don’t they do they same?! Pool people together, bring communities together in the name of God, thus, abolishing unique relations that one could and should have with ones soul and levelling it all out as if  it is and was meant be to equal. 

The dependency that we share irrespective of every tag, is the race that we all belong to, a human race. Beyond that, the shared dependencies that we have are clustered and can be dissected given our location, knowledge and exposures to and of, all forms. 

Thus, dragging each other with a hope of forming communities and even smaller clusters of instant gratification and joy or even a small dimensional pleasure of belonging is what sepearates and divides us in the long run rather than uniting us, under the name of ‘friendship’ or even ‘community’.

So then, as much as I marvel at the art and at my own addiction to follow and jump onto some of these drag / tag posts on social media, I resent them at my very core cos they single me out rather than putting me in! 

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