You, I and distorted truth

When the night fell into our lap, you whispered, ‘let’s put some thoughts into our future’; a bright thought that I, then nurtured. 
By the time it was noon, you had change of plans, parables shifted to another room.
I would always wonder since, what is it that a night brings? A smooth sense of belonging, touching, that it lets you speak your heart, keeps it safe, prohibits wandering. 
Perhaps, it’s the day that brings the realities to your face; sticks it there so that you don’t lose your image bound grace. 
You never explained your superficial dichotomies; you called them your realities but I have seen; the pain, the suffering, the torture that you drag along from each and every day into your night; it isn’t really worth your very being. 
Ever since I’ve known you, I would always think, what would it be like, to be with you, had there been no day in between.

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