Scandal and more .. 

When television becomes the world and the world becomes the television, I get lunatic thoughts hovering over, all day long. 

My recent craze is a political TV series, Scandal. I have finished 2 series in 2 weeks; so you can very well imagine how much I have been sitting and sleeping in front of my TV screen. 

To say that I love scandal will be an understatement. I don’t even know if I can simplify my addiction in one single line or a word like ‘adore’.. The more I think of the TV series, the more it grows in me, the more I feel Olivia Pope talking to me. 

Since I started watching the series, I have developed a new found lunatic side to me. I think of people and politics the way my brain is rewired through scandal. With the upcoming US elections and both parties lashing out at each other, trying to prove they are better, the whole election looks and feels like a setup! I guess I just don’t want to see a Defiance case like in scandal for real with the US elections. 

In the positive light, I too want to be as strong and confident as Olivia Pope. I feel like I should speak with her conviction and spark! I also feel that I should love her like. Mad, crazy, passionate love. On the flip side, my brain has been rewired and entangled into the dirt of politics making me cautious and weary of humans in general, especially politicians! 

Well, I don’t know to be honest if this weariness about people will continue even after the series end, but if it does, then I would need to find another series that could touch upon and build upon my soul. 

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