A million reasons 

There are a million reasons to why I do and at the same time, I don’t love you; there are a million reasons to why I say this is false and that is true. 

I am discretely irrational and predictable in my choices; I have always been this way irrespective of the surroundings and voices.

You pointed out to me that I run on the wire of existential crisis; I cut my feet and hands out but I put the wire in me, made it pass through my veins. 

I don’t take your critisicms personally, just in case you thought I did; I just look at them through my window of thought and let them grow into me deep. 

Love, unfortunately, couldn’t grow like a mushroom; I never could gather enough dirt on it and neither could leave it turning into a loom. 

There are always a million reasons that I can cite or create and even make them look convincing at your face. I won’t do any of it though, for one simple reason and that’s my honest unprecedented love for you. 

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