my adopted sister ..

It was one dark bright night; tears all over! What was it though? It’s hard to distinguish .. Colourless water or blood stained quarters! 

She sat in silence, she was a mess; What struck me though was her sassy intellect.

‘Use a hand sanitizer’, she yelled at me.. ‘Before you come close’, she lowered her eyelids almost bringing them to close. 

I walked up to her, I stood right in front. She wouldn’t open her eyes and neither did she look up! 

‘You’re too young’, she said with her eyes shut.. ‘Might be a year or two younger than my older son’.. 

I looked around, still stuck in me, I wanted to say something, but I didn’t know what was stopping me. I tried very hard and could just utter ‘hello!’ 

She interrupted me even before my only word finished. ‘You’re officially taking adopting me, aren’t you? Is there anything that you would specifically like to know?!’ 

I gathered myself, I sat facing her.. I said anything that you would like me to know. I won’t force you though! Yes, I am adopting you. Here on, you are my sister! 

‘Sister, that’s a good word’, she said. ‘I have only one thing to say. Stay numb and listen to life. I didn’t do it that’s why I advice’.. She opened her eyes and met mine.. Looked into them and said with an unbreakable confidence .. ‘Stay numb and listen. Listen to your self, listen to the world. Don’t give into the self fulfilling swirl’ .. 

It was a long journey, perhaps the longest that I had been on for a while.. When we got home, we both realised.. Some journeys are meant to be taken without bags and bandages. Some people are meant to walk into and be in your life, irrespective of massive and incorrigible  differences!

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