Life, love and chances! 

If life did give me a second chance and I were to love you, would I still come back and make love to you?

Perhaps I would, perhaps I wouldn’t. 

There are days in a year when I am not a slave of my emotions. 

If I do become a slave of my emotions second time around and I give in, would you think I lied to you the first time I had walked in?

Or would you think I walked out just to walk right back in? Because off late, space, is the only abstract concept that humans pretend to have seen. 

Let’s pretend there was no second chance, there were no second innings! Would you and I love each other more for the greater risk of losing? 

If we do love and that’s not enough to stay then do we pretend to know and walk away?! Or do we stay and love more fiercely because I would hate not to wake up next to you! 

I don’t know. 

Perhaps of all things that life offers, love isn’t something that I would put on the chance wheel.. I would rather love with all I have here and be done with. 

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