Never give up .. 

The boundaries of expectations were broken,It was no longer a need or a requirement. 

I could either be or I could easily disappear, 

Without a thought or theory into the thin air.

The love that I had once placed my hope bars on became inconsequential 

The desires that fed me, were starving themselves

It was tough to lift, to gather and to start all over

Leaving it scattered and broken was easy amid the terror 

No strings to pull back and no strings to pull forward 

I became my own anchor and sailed right through 

Got directed as the wind blew, the fellow sailing boats worked as guides in skew 

I wanted to give up every single hour 

My mind knew no one was waiting at the finish line 

But my heart wanted me to sail through it to be 

It said .. ‘it doesn’t matter who sees you at the end of it and who doesn’t 

The claps never matter neither the cheer 

Do it for me, for I want to feel free.. 

Adjust your sails even knowing that there is no one to see’.. 

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