Look the ‘age’ 

I have often heard people especially women taking a pride when they say ‘oh! I so don’t look my age’. A lot of it comes in forms of statements like ‘You so don’t look 30! You sure you are 30?!’ .. 

‘Age’, I agree is a number but a very vital one. A number that provides an yardstick to you, as a human for the years that you have spent living, breathing, more precisely! 

We all become stories at the end of our lives and not all our stories are out there published; but ours still will be our favourite one because we were the main character of it; at times having played the protagonist and at times having played the villain and many a times completely clueless without an opinion. 

Wouldn’t you like your story to have wrinkles, to have twists, turns, setbacks, failures, success, tears and pain? Would you ever read and enjoy a story where everything goes without a bump in the road called life? 🙂 

Then why not be a brave witness to our own twists and pains and let the body hold it all together as a sign of survival, and stand tall having been through some of the drastic falls. 

So then, I don’t understand why one has to shy or take it as a compliment for looking younger than what they are in real because at the end of the day, your ‘age’ has made you, the ‘you’ that you claim to be today! 

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