If there’s a reality to life that I can tell,

I will tell you it is ‘death’ my friend. 

It all comes down to the ashes, 

Neither do the looks matter nor the size and certainly not how it crashes!

You are reduced to the same human ash as me.

Why then do I and you have so much of hatred in between?

Is it because from where you stand, you choose not to see the ash like I do? 

So while you collect your diamonds and set rules to conquer the world, 

Your conscience does cry! 

Trust your inner being, if not me, ‘death’ precedes our perceived reality. 

If you are born, you have to die, 

Why do you and I have to distance ourselves and you make me cry?

What is in life for you, holds dear to me as well. 

I don’t see hatred anywhere from where I see my self. 

I see colours; red, white and black. 

I bleed red and I know you do too, 

So where is the yardstick then for me to hate you? 

I will die one day and so will you, 

Till death rules us with certainity there isn’t much that your hatered can do! 

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