Silent tears 

As the silent tears made their way onto my face,

I failed to see my own disgrace.

All I felt is my beautiful heart, that trusted you completely without a fraction of failure, even when we were far apart.

I did sense my own pride which was always wrapped up in humility because I knew I was right.

You then picked up the phone once again and said to me that I was being insane.

You said I didn’t understand and I never could, what goes at a distance is far less easy to be mistaken and comprehend.

I stayed silent, I heard you out, though it wasn’t a position that I would be in, by default.

You dropped the call, you brushed my faith away.

You didn’t even ask why was I being this way?

You thought you were right, you didn’t need any drama,

Let me remind you, I walked into your life because of your very karma.

I didn’t choose you, you chose me;

So when you decided to walk away, it could be anything but destiny.

It was a manmade call that you happily took, convenience rocked and trust overlooked.

I didn’t want to call you back, I no longer wanted to hold you, 

After you left, silent tears made their way through.

I looked at my palm as I wiped my tears away, wet in my own broken misery, they did feel heavy, so very odd to think! 

But I guess the silent drops of tears from any human eye, weigh the heaviest even when dropped from a brink. 

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